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The "Red Stripe" MiG is committed to keeping our fallen Heroes flying.

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The roar of the engine. Pulling 6 G's and flying 500 knots. The privilege of watching a classic jet warbird. 

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Greg Howell

Aviation Journey

Born and raised in Mississippi, Greg Howell knew from the time he was five years old that he wanted to be a pilot.  After sitting in the seat of a fighter jet, the taste for flying was passed to him right from his father's hands, who was a pilot with the Air National Guard in Meridian, MS. Growing up around military flying  and watching his Dad take off and land RF-84s and RF-101s, Greg was hooked!  Flying for the first time at age 15, he later enrolled in flying lessons and soloed when he was 20. 

Enlisting in the same Air Guard Unit as his Dad in 1979, Greg advanced on to pilot training in 1982 with the U.S. Air Force at Laughlin AFB in Del Rio, TX.  During pilot training he flew the T-41, T-37 and T-38.  Greg was then stationed at Bergstrom AFB in Austin, TX where he transitioned into the RF-4C Phantom.  After returning to his unit, the 186th Tactical Recon Group, 153rd Tactical Recon Squadron,  in Meridian in 1984 he trained for combat readiness in the RF-4C accumulating almost 900 hours.  Greg and his Dad were the first father and son team to fly together in the unit.  He also served in the same Air Guard unit with two of his younger brothers. Greg's experience in the military afforded him many great opportunities in flying and gave him a deep appreciation and respect for the U.S. Military and the sacrifices that men and women make for our country.

To date Greg has accumulated over 25,000 hours of flight time in a variety of aircraft.  In addition to the USAF aircraft he has flown, Greg has also flown the Convair 600/640, Falcon 10, Hawker 700, Boeing 737, L-29, L-39, MiG-15/17, CJ-6, Yak-52 Pitss S2C and a variey of other single engine aircraft.  He spent 2013 flying aerobatic competition and placed third in the 2013 National Aerobatic Competition in his category.  He holds a 800' SAC card in the Pitts.  Greg is a formation qualified pilot with the Red Star Pilot's Association and a member of EAA Warbirds of America. Currently a pilot for Southwest Airlines for over 28 years, Greg is excited to be flying the MiG-17F and to have the opportunity to share his passion for flying and help ignite the imagination of aspiring pilots.


The Life Behind the "Red Stripe MiG"


In Loving Memory Of Captain Jake "Red Stripe" Frederick


Inspired by fallen Marine Aviator, Captain Jake "Red Stripe" Frederick in 2016, Greg's MiG became The "Red Stripe" MiG. The purpose for the Red Stripe MiG emerged through a desire to share Jake and Kiley's story of faith, love, courage, and strength. Our prayer is to take the "Red Stripe" MiG to airshows across the country, in order to honor those who know or served with Captain Jake "Red Stripe" Frederick.  


We are committed to honoring the great sacrifices made by our fallen military heroes and their families.  We want to share their stories through airshows, donations, and sponsorships. The purpose for the "Red Stripe" MiG is to give back to the military and the families our warriors left behind with encouragement, inspiration, and financial assistance. 

Captain Jake "Red Stripe" Frederick

Red Stripe

Captain Jake Frederick, a US Marine and F/A-18 Hornet pilot, was killed after ejecting from his aircraft roughly 120 miles off the coast of Japan on Thursday December 8, 2016 while deployed with VMFA-115, The World Famous Silver Eagles.  God, family, and the country he died defending were of the upmost importance to Jake.  He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering.  After graduation, he was commissioned at the Texas Capitol in the United States Marine Corps, where he faithfully served his country for eight years.  Jake married the love of his life in 2009, and they built a life together serving God and the country they love.  Jake is survived by his beautiful, loving wife Kiley Frederick, their son Colt Frederick, and daughter Mayley Frederick.  Colt was 3 years old when his hero went to meet his heavenly Father. Mayley missed meeting her Daddy here on earth by 5 weeks. 


Jake had a relationship with his Heavenly Father, and great respect for Bible doctrine.  He led and loved his family fiercely.  He was proud of his country, his home state of Texas and Marine aviation.  If there is one thing  Jake would want the world to know, it is this: His greatest achievement in life wasn't his integrity, character, or his degree. It wasn't his Christ-centered marriage, his military career, his children, or even his sacrifice for our nation. The single greatest thing  Jake did in his life was the decision to believe in Jesus Christ as his Savior. As a result of that choice, Jake is home.  His is reaping multiplied blessings face-to-face with our Creator, and he knows joy unimaginable.  Jake would want others to know by believing in Christ, they can have an eternal purpose in this life.  Jake lived out the gospel as a patriot who made the ultimate sacrifice for his country.  His death is the greatest spiritual promotion he could ever receive - and one that honors God as a believer. 

1John 1:9

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.




Made famous by the Vietnam War, the MiG-17F was the primary enemy aircraft engaged in the skies over Vietnam by U.S. aircraft such as the A-4, A-7, F-8, B-52, F-100, F-105 and it's primary nemesis, the F-4 Phantom II.  

During that war and up until the F-16 entered service, it was the tightest turning fighter in the world.  When production started in the 1950s, its VK-1F engine made it one of the first production jet fighters in the world with an afterburner.  The MiG-17F could carry bombs, rockets, or extra fuel tanks under its wings.  In its lower nose it carried some of the largests guns ever used for air-to-air combat -- two 23mm guns and one 37mm cannon.  This MiG-17F #1613 entered service with the Soviet bloc in March 1960 and wasn't withdrawn from service until May 1990.  

Greg's MiG-17F originally came to the U.S. in the mid 80s. In 2011 it went through another restoration and is one of only a handful of vintage jets flying the North American air show circuit.  



The MiG-17F can maintain 8g turns, attain a maximum speed of 715 mph (Mach 1.04) and can climb to 30,000 feet in only 3 minutes. with an initial climb rate of better than 14,000 feet per minute.

The MiG-17F was a very nimble fighter that could prove deadly unless respected when engaged by pilots with superior training and tactics such as those used by the U.S. Air Force and Navy.  One moment's complacency when fighting against the MiG-17F could prove fatal.  It was flown by over 20 countries.  Because of its famous heritage and great maneuverability, it makes one of the best air show jets in the world, able to stay in front of the fans while still flying at great speeds.


Operational Data

Rate of Climb:   30,000 feet in 3 minutes

Service Ceiling:  53,000 feet

Top Speed:         715 mph (1.04 Mach)

Engine:                VK-1F afterburning jet engine

Max Thrust:        7,452 lbs

Max Weight:       13,386 lbs (combat load)


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2018 Air Show Dates

May 4-5         Keesler AFB, Biloxi, MS             


May 11          Paris, TX                               

July 6             Goshen, IN

July 13-14      Toledo, OH                                 


July 22-28       Oshkosh, WI                              


Sep 21            Okmulgee. OK